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Below is a list of concerns for which I currently provide services. This list is not all-inclusive, so if you have any questions about whether I may be a good fit for your child/family, please contact me so that we may discuss your concerns and questions.

• Anxiety (including but not limited to separation anxiety, social anxiety, excessive worrying, phobias and specific fears, panic, obsessive-compulsive symptoms and disorders such as pediatric OCD, or hair-pulling)

• Selective mutism
• Stress management
• ADHD & other difficulties with inattention, concentration, and/or hyperactivity
• Behavioral concerns and disruptive behavior (children ages 2+)
• Parenting and family concerns
• Self-esteem
• Coping skills
• Social concerns
• Adjustment difficulties
• Bullying (children or adolescents who are a victim of bullying)

• Anger/aggression
• Grief/loss and trauma-related concerns (i.e., motor vehicle accident, death of a close family member/friend, medical trauma)

I also have significant experience working with children in these special populations:

• Children diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

• Children in adoptive families

• Children with co-occurring neurological disorders (i.e., seizures/epilepsy, headaches, developmental delay, learning concerns) and other pediatric medical conditions

Please contact me today if you are interested in learning more about my services or booking an appointment.

Please note that this practice is not designed to provide ongoing crisis management for issues such as psychosis, ongoing violence, or active suicidality. Please discuss these issues with yours or your child's current psychologist or another provider if at any time you believe you need a higher level of care for these types of issues for assistance in locating an appropriate referral.  ALWAYS call 911 and/or report to the nearest emergency room for immediate care during a psychiatric emergency.

Conditions I Treat

Phone: (216) 973-4588


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